Office Investigation-Woodinville, WA

Paranormal Investigation- Woodinville, WA

It was a warm Fall day when I received a call from a friend of mine asking if I could help one of her clients with a “problem” they were having at thier office.  The story was that the 3 employees working in a business office were experiencing strange happenings and were quite upset about the activity.  A sweet administrative assistant sits in the lower level of a very unusual office building resembling a ski chalet.  The pitch of the ceiling is steep, exposed wood beams and wood siding dating back to the 1960’s line the ceiling and interior. There is an upper loft level accessed by a narrow and curved staircase where two other employee’s offices are. Two other tenants reside in the lower part of the building and they too have expressed concerns about paranormal activity.

On many occasions, the admin reports seeing a dark shadow dart around the conference table or this shadow will appear before her at her desk.  Objects on her desk will move, the coffee maker will click on when no one is near it, door handles jiggle without anyone on the other side and she feels cold blasts of air.  The employees in the upper offices reported experiencing fewer incidents, but would hear footsteps in the hall and down the stairs when they were there alone and objects would move on desks.

I agreed to come and check out the office building after work, just as the sun was about to set, hoping for less traffic and noise and allowing it to be darker, as spirits generally don’t appear during the day. I brought my husband along with me, who is also a sensitive, a bundle of sage, holy water, protective stones, my camera and a voice recorder.  Upon entering, there is definitely an eerie feeling about the building itself, shaped like an upside down V, and similar to many of the older tomb stones I’ve seen in cemeteries.  The purpose of that pointed shape was to direct the dead souls to heaven so they would know which direction to go in the afterlife. It must be very confusing when you die….

Port Gamble, WA Cemetery

I started to walk the building, taking photos and letting the voice recorder record. At one point in the conference room, I did feel a cold blast of air, but didn’t see anything. We all gathered upstairs in a candle lit office and attempted to make contact with anyone from the afterworld.  The images that started to appear inside my head were ones of an older gentleman, a fisherman maybe?  Had this place been a fishing shop? Very likely.  And that of a young man, scared and alone.  My husband also had the feeling that there was a young man present. The employees told us of a story they had heard about a previous owner or shop keeper that had fallen down the narrow steps to his death.

The admin then told me a sad story of someone close to her, a young man, that had recently committed suicide and she was sure it was him.  Many times when death comes suddenly or under negative circumstances, the soul is confused when it reaches the other side.  Maybe they don’t feel worthy enough to go into the light or are scared they will not be accepted into heaven?  These are all theories none of us can positively prove, until we experience it ourselves. I believe that if we are all energy, our negative or positive energy will follow us into the afterlife, so it’s better to seek good energy while we are alive.

After sitting there awhile without much happening, just feelings and tingles, I recommended that we bless the building, releasing any negative energy and then ask that young spirit to seek the light with the help of Arch Angels.  I certainly don’t believe I have special powers to assist lost souls, but I do believe that other spirits, angels and the all mighty God can help them if we call on them. When I reviewed our voice recorder there was nothing out of the ordinary but on the photos, we believe we did get an image of the young man that had died of suicide.

Here is the original photo cropped to protect identities, and you can barely see a reflection of those in the room in the window.
Zooming in, You can see the outline of an employee standing up in pink, the profile of the admin sitting and a young man sitting next to her that was not there, at least in this world.
This is zoomed in from the main floor, facing the window. There is nothing that would “block” the window in the room, but it does resemble a dark shadow or person.

The ladies in the office said they felt better after we performed the cleansing and the activity had calmed down in the following week. I hope that young man did seek the light and has moved on to a better place; God speed, young man.

If you believe your home or office might be harboring a lost soul, let me know, I might be able to help.

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