The Indian in my closet

I cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye if I’m lying, but I saw a full apparition of a Native American boy in my bedroom. It was early morning and I had just awoken from a deep sleep after a night on the town. My friend and I had been at a historical restaurant and bar in a small town, East of Seattle for happy hour drinks and appetizers when strange things began to happen, as they usually do to me.   

Issaquah, Washington was founded as a timber and coal mining town in the early 1900’s. There is also documentation that there were Native American Tribes that lived along Lake Sammamish and in the hills where my townhouse was constructed. One news story I found said that the tribes and founding settlers didn’t always agree. Front St. downtown is sprinkled with vintage buildings dating back to when the butcher, the baker and the horse shoe maker set up shop.  Today there is a popular steakhouse in what used to be the corner mercantile that features craft cocktails, aged steaks and a lively crowd.  It was here that I began my evening at the bar conversing with the locals.

My friends and I chose seats up at the oak bar top and ordered food and cocktails, were having a fun conversation about work and such when out of nowhere, I heard a male voice in the back of my head as if he was standing behind me, but only speaking in my head.  I haven’t been evaluated by a psychiatrist, but I’m pretty sure I’m sane and this was a voice from another dimension.  The voice was pleading with me because he had something very important to say and needed my help. I’ve never had this happen before and I had only had two drinks, so I knew it wasn’t my imagination. the voice was insisting that I tell Craig to “look in the trunk”.  I had no clue who Craig was.

I’ve accepted that I am a sensitive, but until recently hadn’t really developed or expanded this talent.  I can feel the energy of buildings & homes, the energy of people, and sometimes I see visions like they are happening on a movie screen. Every once in awhile, I can decipher names and dates, but never have I had a voice speak to me in such a clear tone.  I looked over to a group of guys sitting next to us and asked, “Are one of you Craig?”  And one of them replied, “Yes, I’m Craig, do I know you?”  So, this is when it gets awkward being a sensitive.

I told Craig in a matter of fact sort of way that I was hearing a voice in my head and it wanted me to talk to him. He immediately teared up and told me his brother had just died and left him & his wife to care for his three children. They had just finished moving all of the items from his brothers home to his barn attic to go through at a later date.  His brother told me to tell him to open the trunk, an old chest and check the lining, he had hidden something there. Craig told me that, yes, there indeed was a an old chest in his barn and then proceeded to ask other questions about his brother and his dead brother continued to tell me random things I didn’t understand, but Craig did. I love when these experiences help others that are still on earth to find closure, peace and answers.

I believe that when we let our guard down, relax and are open energetically to feeling the energy around us, we are able to tap into the intuition that all of us have, but most of us ignore.  There are things we cannot 100% understand and there are many theories surrounding an afterlife, other dimensions and spiritual beings, but I believe what I do because of my experiences and my research.  

Our next stop was a bar even older than the mercantile; a fun little place with log walls, a rowdy crowd, loud music, pool tables and shuffleboard.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened at this place that night, but I believe because my mind was open to communicating with the other side, spirits  connected with me at this place and followed me home. 

I was startled awake the next morning and sat straight up in my bed to see a young, male Native American boy standing at the foot of my bed.  He was missing a head, had a loin type cloth over his waist, a beaded necklace around his neck and was holding something in his hands that I couldn’t distinguish.  The interesting thing was that his body was a grey, ashen color, like embers of a fire held together.  He just stood there while I screamed and then disappeared before my eyes.  I could feel his energy in my room as a cold chill coursed through my body and in the days after this event, when I entered my room I would feel a chill only on the left side of my body where my closet was located.  My bedroom door would slam shut throughout the day and night and there was not a window open or breeze to explain this.  He was hiding in my closet; this I knew.

My friend is Catholic and the Catholic church is one of the unique religions that embrace spiritual beings, Saints, Angels, Demons, Demonic possessions and perform exorcisms. He went to his church to retrieve blessed holy water and we went about performing a house blessing to remove the lost spirit.  This is when you open the windows, so they can escape, use burning sage and holy water to bless the home with loving words, spiritual prayers, bible verses and ask them to move out, going room to room starting at the farthest end or top of the home. When we got down to the kitchen and the last spot in the house, I went to open the sliding door and a force pushed back and wouldn’t let me open it. My friend who was much stronger and larger also tried and it wouldn’t budge. I had to call on the All Mighty to open the door and magically it easily slide open and we shooed the spirt out into the night. It had never stuck before this incident and never stuck after it. He was fighting us.

After doing some research, I’ve come to believe that when spirits, which are energy, die suddenly, are young and confused or resist going to light because maybe they are scared or don’t deem themselves worthy when they pass on, they get stuck in this world.  Those are lost souls and if we can open a pathway with love and blessings, letting them know it’s ok to seek the Light, which is God, the Universe, or whoever you call upon as your higher being, they can unstick themselves from this world.  

I also believe that if you do pass over peacefully and successfully, you are able to come and go as needed to watch over your loved ones or act as a guardian angel for someone in need. That’s is the definition of Resting in Peace. I wish I knew why this boy was stuck here. Maybe he was in a fire, decapitated in a battle or maybe just shy and didn’t want me to see his face, but for whatever reason, he came to me for a reason.

In hindsight, I should’ve called a medium to help us send this lost soul to the light instead of just casting him out of the house and putting a protective line of salt at the entry points to keep him from returning. I was scared. But, if he comes by again, I’ll help him find peace.

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